Wilson Creek Frozen 50K

Melba , Idaho

Wilson Creek Frozen 50K
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January 14th
Winter Warrior
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The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k offers a unique, winter running experience on the stunning Wilson Creek trail system in January. Runners will traverse the Reynolds Creek gorge and summit Wilson Peak while braving the elements and enjoying the scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. These trails showcase southwest Idaho at its finest during a time of year when most people are watching the weather from the warmth of their homes. If you are looking for an epic adventure, you will not be disappointed.The 10 M loop contains ~2200' of elevation gain and the 20 M loop contains ~4900' of elevation gain for a total ~7100' of elevation gain for the 50k. The 50k is a combination of the two loops. The 5 mile has 788' of elevation gain and is not too technical.

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Map Address: 2761 North Fieldstone Way Meridian ID 83646 USA
Marker: 50K

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Wilson Creek Frozen 50K

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