Ridge to Blazing Ridge

Pelham , Alabama
21M, 10.5M

Ridge to Blazing Ridge
Race Distances


April 8th 07:30 AM 3,450 Ft. Elevation Gain


April 8th 07:30 AM 1,725 Ft. Elevation Gain

Ridge to Blazing Ridge, 5th race of the Southeastern Trail Series, is the most difficult of the non-ultra races. Runners must climb the longest continuous climb at Oak Mountan State Park and climb out of Peavine Gorge twice in the 21 mile race. Throw in Alabama's hottest month, high humidity and almost never any wind and the race is brutal.

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 33.348861, -86.729218
Marker: 21M

Co-ordinates: 33.348861, -86.729218
Marker: 10.5M

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Ridge to Blazing Ridge

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