Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race

Birmingham , Alabama
18M, 9M

Hotter \'N Hell Trail Race
Race Distances


July 16th 07:30 AM 6,324 Ft. Elevation Gain


July 15th 07:30 AM 3,162 Ft. Elevation Gain

Hotter 'N Hell is a fun race taking place in July heat and humidity of Alabama. Run the 9 or 18 mile race with as much as 12,600 ft of elevation Change in the 18. Make two trips to the top of Double Oak Mountain and descend to the depts of Peavine Falls Gorge with the help of roppes. You will love it!!

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 33.32292441214976, -86.76472189244839
Marker: 18M

Co-ordinates: 33.32287261147715, -86.76473798570248
Marker: 9M

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Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race

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