Tor des Geants

Tor des Geants


September 10th 07:00 AM 78,700 Ft. Elevation Gain

Tor des Géants (meaning Tour of Giants) is an endurance trail race which takes place in Aosta Valley, Italy, in September.

The total length of the Tor des Geants is 330 km (205mi) which must be completed in less than 150 hours. The trail tours the Aosta Valley following the two "High Routes" of the region, the No.2[1] or French: Haute route n°2) for the first half of the race and the No.1[2] (Italian: Alta Via n.1 or French: Haute route n°1) for the second half of the race. During the tour the runners cross 25 mountain passes over 2000 metres, the minimum altitude is 300 m (985ft) and the highest is 3,300 m (10800ft). The total elevation gain is about 24,000 m (78700ft). Participation is limited to 700 runners.

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Map Address: Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy
Marker: 205M

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Tor des Geants

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