Ut4M 40 Oisans

Grenoble , Isere

Ut4M 40 Oisans
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August 17th 07:00 AM 99,000 Ft. Elevation Gain

Major sporting event in Grenoble and in the world of trail in the heart of an urban area which Stendhal said that every street is an open window on the mountains, Ut4M comes back for a 2017 edition.
Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs 5th Edition invites you ""where the magic happens"" in 2017.
“A la carte” is the credo of Ut4M with the Ut4M40 series. Many formulas to compose your weekend trail in Isère, based on your motivations and tastes: Vercors, Oisans-Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse, so many different flavors to a menu that will be unique.
Ut4M40 Oisans is a trail starting in Vif (just 10 km south of Grenoble) on thursday the 17th August. Ut4M40 Oisans offers an exotic menu. Taillefer, it’s like a home-made ice-cream, a Siberian steppe scent that capsizes your senses. There are also splendid lakes that keep coming to delight your taste buds.

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Map Address: Halle Clemenceau, Boulevard Clemenceau, Grenoble, France
Marker: 47K

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Ut4M 40 Oisans

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