Arches Ultra

Moab , Utah
50M, 50K, 13.1M, 9K

Arches Ultra
Race Distances


January 27th 06:30 AM 5,000 Ft. Elevation Gain


January 27th 08:00 AM 3,500 Ft. Elevation Gain


January 27th 10:00 AM 1,200 Ft. Elevation Gain


January 27th 10:00 AM 500 Ft. Elevation Gain
Winter Warrior
Points Distances

Half Marathon


Arches Ultra travels along the border of Arches National Park, using Bar M, Klonzo, and Klondike Trail Systems.  The trails are smooth and easy at points, technical slick rock at others, and there’s even some sand to shake things up. Winter is a great time to be in Moab running, and we’ve chosen a lower elevation run, that will give you views of the towering Moab cliffs, Arches National Park, and the snow covered La Sals. 

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Marker: 50M

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Marker: 50K

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Marker: 13.1M

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Marker: 9K

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Arches Ultra

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