Dam Ruck "N" Run

Moapa , Nevada
50M, 50K, 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K

Dam Ruck
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September 30th 06:00 AM


September 30th 06:00 AM


September 30th 06:00 AM


September 30th 06:00 AM


September 30th 06:15 AM


September 30th 06:30 AM

RUCK from 12:01am-6am or 3am-6am AND/OR Run any of the distances from 6am on!

Come have Coach Ryan Cooper help test your limits in beautiful Bitter Springs, located just 30 short minutes from Las Vegas. This race venue is guaranteed not to disappoint. It offers everything from running on wide jeep trails, sandy washes, viewing sherbet colored rocks, TRAVERSING AN ABANDONED DAM, and a possible encounter with the elusive Nelson Bighorn Sheep!

The fun begins at MIDNIGHT with a chance to push yourself farther than you ever thought possible by daring to participate in a 6 or 3 hour Ruck. This intense event will include military style PT, rucking, trail running, night time navigation and testing your problem solving skills while under a stressful situation. Are you up for the challenge!?

Not up for the Ruck? No problem!  We have some out-of-this-world trail races beginning at 6 AM. The distances range from a 5K, to a 50K Ultra Marathon!  The longer distances will experience an epic Nevada sunrise in the middle of the desert with a picturesque mountainous backdrop. There are many ways to register: just the Ruck, just a trail race, or do BOTH…and walk (or crawl) away with multiple awards!

And you know if Triple Dare is there, it's going to be a party…so be prepared for tons of energy, excitement and super rad volunteers giving you a top notch racing experience!

Why not try it?

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Dam Ruck "N" Run

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