Terra Sans Pave Trail Runs

Morton Grove , Illinois
10M, 8K, 4K, 8Hours

Terra Sans Pave Trail Runs
Race Distances


September 9th 09:00 AM 100 Ft. Elevation Gain


September 9th 09:00 AM 50 Ft. Elevation Gain


September 9th 09:00 AM 25 Ft. Elevation Gain


September 9th 07:30 AM 10 Ft. Elevation Gain

Prepare for primordial running, through forested trail and over green fields, full of fun & adventure but void of pavement! Terra Sans Pave is ideal for first-time trail runners, and those experienced runners looking to post a fast time for "not too technical" trail racing. A variety of surfaces make up the racecourse for Terra Sans Pave... crushed gravel, dirt and wood-chip paths comprise about 90% of the course, with sections traversing grassy fields. You'll cross two bridges on each lap, and even run along the river bank. There are no man-made obstacles, nor river crossings but conditions may be muddy especially with rainy weather in the week leading up to race day. Expect mostly smooth non-technical running, with occasional rocks & roots, and small slightly rolling hills. Each lap is 4 kilometers (~2½ miles) in length. Approximately 10 feet of vertical per mile.

Your choice of distance: 8-Hour, 10-Mile, 8-Km, 4-Km.

Post-race awards and open cookout at start/finish area!

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 42.041010, -87.784550
Marker: 10M

Co-ordinates: 42.041010, -87.784550
Marker: 8K

Co-ordinates: 42.041010, -87.784550
Marker: 4K

Co-ordinates: 42.041010, -87.784550
Marker: 8Hours

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Terra Sans Pave Trail Runs
Morton Grove

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