Deja Vu

Las Vegas , Nevada
26.2M, Hours

Deja Vu


January 20th 09:00 AM


January 20th 12:36 AM

This 1.03 mile counter-clockwise lap course takes place on the History Walk paved trails, completely removed from vehicular traffic. The path is mostly flat with only slight inclines/ declines- setting the stage for a PR, or perfect for the beginning runner. The course is walker and stroller friendly. Enjoy views of the Las Vegas Strip, Frenchman's Mountain, landing aircraft, and bunnies!

1 Hour, 3 Hour, 6 Hour, and 12 Hour. Participants will cover as many laps as they can/ want within their allotted time. Your recorded distance in the allotted time will represent the number of completed laps x 1.03 miles.

The Marathon will start with one (1) longer first lap of 1.48 miles, then will continue with the 1.03 mile loop for 24 additional laps for a total distance of 26.2 miles. You can stop whenever you complete the 26.2 miles, regardless of time; inside of the 12 hour cut off.

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Co-ordinates: 36.06334066296917, -115.11510361271974
Marker: 26.2M

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Deja Vu
Las Vegas

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