Everglades Ultras

Copeland , Florida
25K, 50K, 50M

Everglades Ultras
Race Distances


February 17th 09:00 AM 25 Ft. Elevation Gain


February 17th 07:30 AM 25 Ft. Elevation Gain


February 17th 06:00 AM 25 Ft. Elevation Gain
Winter Warrior
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7th Annual EVERGLADES ULTRAS.   Fully supported trail races of 50 miles, 50 kilometers and 25 kilometers right through the Florida Everglades.  Run on raised "trams" above the swamplands where bald cypress trees were once logged and carried away on a small gauge railroad!  Unique and spectacular venue in Florida's largest state park, the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve, located 1 1/2 hours west of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and 30 miles east of Naples.  Diverse habitat includes bald cypress swamp lowlands, grassland prairie, tropical hardwood hammocks and pine rock lands.  Tha Fakahatchee features the largest variety of orchids and bromeliads on the continent, Florida panther, black bear, deer, bobcat, alligators Everglades mink, diamondback terrapain and water fowl and migratory birds too numerous to count.  Excellent support on race day, including aid stations placed carefully along the route, with post-race cook-out, adult beverages and unique awards, too.  This is a fast and flat course.  Are you a walker? Plenty of time to power-walk the shorter distances, too--camera in hand recommended! 

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 25.953708, -81.355911
Marker: 25K

Co-ordinates: 25.953708, -81.355911
Marker: 50K

Co-ordinates: 25.953708, -81.355911
Marker: 50M

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Everglades Ultras

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