Chimala to Matema , Mbeya
164K, 109K, 55K

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September 22nd 05:00 AM


September 22nd 05:00 AM


September 22nd 05:00 AM

Ukili Trail

Organized Trail Running in Southern Highland of Tanzania with the Name "Ukili Trail”, Ukili which is shorten for Eastern Arc Mountains of Uporoto, Kipengere and Livingstone Ranges is where the race will pass through and finishing at the Lake Nyasa shore in Kyela District, The race offers a unique way to explore Kitulo Park and numbers of Mountain ranges of Southern Highland of Tanzania. The Trial include both Female and Male and have multiple event distance in the single day:-

  1. 164 Kilometer (102 miles), Trail Ultra XLong (XL)

  2. 109 k + 55 k Relay- Trail Ultra XLong (XL) & Trail Ultra Medium (M)

  3. 109 Kilometer  (68miles)-Trail Ultra XLong (XL) and

  4. 55Kilometer (34 miles)-Trail Ultra Medium (M)

164 kilometer (102 mile) will have option of single runner and relay, whereby relay of 164 kilometer split into two part, first part with 109 kilometer which will start at Chimala area passing through Matamba then cross Kitulo Plateau National Park down to Isange Mwakaleli, second part with the distance of 55 kilometer start at Isange Mwakaleli passing through Masoko in Busokelo down to Ipinda and finish around Lake Nyasa in Matema Beach Town. 

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Marker: 164K

Map Address:
Marker: 109K

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Marker: 55K

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Chimala to Matema

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