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Yitka Winn Wednesday, 19 February 2014 11:48 TWEET COMMENTS 0

Course Records Tumble at Moab’s Red Hot

La Sportiva Mountain Cup kicks off with a fast, snow-free Moab’s Red Hot 33K

Justin Ricks on his way to smashing the course record at the 2014 Moab's Red Hot 33K. Photo by Chris Hunter.

Early-season trail racing in the mountains can be a rough go. For some athletes, too much skiing and not enough running through the winter can lend itself to rusty racing muscles come February. The Moab’s Red Hot 33K, which kicks off the 2014 La Sportiva Mountain Cup, offers many mountain runners a welcome opportunity each February to thaw out their legs, soak up some desert rays and get their racing season started.

Moab’s Red Hot offers racers two options, a 33K or 55K. The race’s competitive cred, at both distances, has exploded in recent years thanks to the hard work and devotion of Grassroots Events race director Chris Martinez, and more recently, Justin Ricks, who joined Martinez last month as co-RD. Red Hot's podium has been graced by many household names like Anton Krupicka, Anita Ortiz, Dakota Jones, Rob Krar and Susannah Beck.

And, the scenery—fiery red trails of sand and slickrock, framed by the dramatic, snow-capped La Sal Mountains—isn’t too shabby either.

The La Sal Mountains loom over the Moab's Red Hot course. Photo by Chris Hunter.


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