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Snow at Wyoming's Rocky Mountain Double Marathon - Page 2

Weigner also noted it was the first year the race had more runners from Wyoming than neighboring Colorado.

None of the ascents on the course are dauntingly steep, but, according to Erin Whitney, who completed the half-marathon in 2003, the gradual inclines catch runners off guard as late-race fatigue sets in.

“The finish line welcomed me at the top of a long grueling hill, the same one that I had greeted so happily going the other direction at the start,” she wrote in a race report that has since been displayed on the race website.

As the sun rises runners are treated to a quiet, backcountry course, with views of green grasslands and monolithic Vadauwoo rock outcroppings. “The miles passed surprisingly quickly, and I’d like to think that the beautiful race setting had something to do with that impression,” continued Whitney.

Founded in 1978 as the Rocky Mountain 50-Mile, the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon was renamed in 1999. Corey Hanson of Bellevue, Colorado, set the course record in the double of 7:03:59 last year, and Jamie Donaldson of Littleton, Colorado, set the women’s course record of 8:07:31 in 2010.

Like many races now, this one requires runners to carry water bottles to cut down on trash from disposable bottles and cups, and any runner caught littering is disqualified.

But the race is also known for its simplicity. The race, whose motto is “… where the race director promises you nothing, and he delivers,” has no awards, either for age groups or overall. “Folks give themselves permission to have fun at our races because there are no trophies,” says Weigner. “Nobody comes expecting to run a PR or qualify for Boston. They come to enjoy Medicine Bow National Forest and their fellow runners and family members.”

Full results can be found here.



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