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“Yes, [the course markings] could have been more frequent and perhaps a little more obvious at strategic points,” Hawker says. “But we had been warned both on the race website and at the pre-race meeting that it was our responsibility to know where we were going.”

“The course markings were hard to follow because they were yellow and the leaves were going off (again, yellow). Fortunately, I never missed a turn, but a lot of racers did. I’m sure that contributed to the high attrition rate,” says Ashley Arnold, of Carbondale, Colorado, who made an early decision to drop from the race. “When I was running down the pavement into the 21-mile aid station, though, I did second-guess myself and stop to look around a few times because I hadn’t seen flags in ages.”

One unique feature of Run Rabbit Run was that the Hares race started late in the afternoon Friday and took elite runners through the night and drastic temperature changes.

Meltzer speculated that the adverse conditions may have been conducive to a veteran of dozens of 100-mile races like himself.

“I left it all out there, but not early, the way a smart old man runs 100 miles,” he says. “It was a perfectly executed race.”

Complete results from the elite race can be found here.


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