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Trail Racing Results

Weekend race recap with results from Hardrock 100, Devil's Backbone 50, Dances With Dirt: Devils Lake and the Golden Gate Races

Photo courtesy of iRunFar.com

Hardrock 100 – Silverton, Colorado


Ashland, Oregon’s Hal Koerner won the Hardrock 100 Mile that started Friday and ended Saturday, in the third-fastest time in course history. The two-time Western States 100 champion won his first Hardrock in 24:50, just ahead of Colorado’s Joe Grant, who ran the fourth-fastest time in course history with a 25:06. Dakota Jones, of Durango, Colorado – last year’s runner-up – was third in 25:45.

Meanwhile, Darcy Africa of Boulder, Colorado, got an elusive win at Hardrock after multiple-time defending champion Diana Finkel dropped out. Africa finished 11th overall in 29:09, well ahead of runner-up Rhonda Claridge, of Telluride, Colorado, who finished 20th overall in 32:43. Darla Askew, of Bend, Oregon, finished third (27th overall) in 33:52.

Complete Hardrock results can be found here.

Devil’s Backbone – Bozeman, Montana

Missoula, Montana’s Aaron Derry won the Devil’s Backbone 50 Mile in Bozeman, Montana, Friday in 10:43, outpacing runner-up Chris Mottola, of Sarasota, Florida. Mottola broke up a sweep by Montanans in the men’s race with a time of 10:54. Tristan Scott, of Whitefish, Montana, finished third in 11:40.

In the women’s race, Marta Fisher, of Forest Grove, Oregon, placed first in 13:01, just ahead of Mount Shasta, California’s Tina Ure, who finished second in 13:04. Fisher and Ure finished seventh and eighth overall. Erika Holland, of Dillon, Montana, finished third in 14:24, good for 14th overall.

Complete results for the 50-mile race, as well as results for the 25-mile race and relay, can be found here.



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