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Fall for 100s

Autumn is still a time for running far


By the end of September, the “biggies”—Western States, Bighorn, Leadville, Wasatch, The Bear, Tahoe Rim Trail—are in the books, but in the autumn you can still run a slew of quality 100-milers, from Florida to California, from New Hampshire to Washington State. While the summer high-mountain races garner the  most headlines, fall races offer a low-key ambience, beautiful scenery, exploding colors, lower elevations and ease of entry, making them a fresh option for aspiring 100-milers.

“All of the training, miles and racing throughout the year build, and you are the most fit in the fall,” says Jeremy Duncan, 31, of Carbondale, Colorado, who attempted his first 100 this fall with Arizona’s Javelina Jundred. “You also get a bit of a boost from training in the heat all summer so when the weather breaks in the fall you have a slight edge in the cooler temps because your body doesn't have to work as hard.”

A handful of races within the past two weeks exemplify the diversity and quality of fall options, including the Javelina Jundred in Fountain Hills, Arizona, Ghost Train Rail Trail Races in Milford, New Hampshire, Pinhoti in Sylacauga, Alabama, and Ozark Trail in Steelville, Missouri.


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