Ask the Coach: Minutes to Miles?

I work out on an elliptical trainer and would like to know how to count those “miles” in my running log?
—Paul Siegferth Jr., Akron, OH

Ask the Coach

Maybe it IS About the Bike

Two feet plus two wheels might equal better running performance

Cross Training

Ask the Coach: All or Nothing?

For that past several years, I’ve gone through a training cycle of running and competing rigorously from April through October. Then, I burn out and stop all activity just before the holidays (usually gaining 10 to 20 pounds). I ease back into running again in February and March. What are the health benefits or liabilities for this all-or-nothing approach?
—Jason Johnson, St. Paul, MN

Ask the Coach

Roll into Trail Shape

Inline skating is back, and you should be doing it

Training Plans

Mountain Biking for Trail Runners

A longtime runner tackles the trail on two wheels

Cross Training

Eight Steps to Running Enlightenment

Use yoga to get the mental edge

Cross Training
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