Stop Sacrificing Sleep

Why a few extra hours really matter

Injuries and Treatment

Learn Self Massage to Run and Feel Better

The road to healthy running isn’t the same for everyone. Some runners are genetically gifted with optimal physiology, while others struggle ...

Injuries and Treatment

Self Massage How-To

How we roll: self massage can play a significant role in helping you to feel better and run faster

Injuries and Treatment

How to Avoid Skin Cancer

Cover up on the trails with sunscreen and clothing

Those of us who devote time each day, or most days, to running outdoors gain great health ...

Injuries and Treatment

Ticks Invade the Trails

How to treat and prevent tick bites

This spring’s unseasonably warm weather across the United States ...

Injuries and Treatment

Mind Games

Injury got you down? it's all in your head

Last summer, just four weeks before the Pumpkinman ...


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