A Bad Break

Knocked out of Hardrock

As I turned downhill, my legs churning underneath, I glanced up at the powder-white Continental Divide 20 miles westward. Fresh snow ...

Run Amok

What's That Thorn in My Shin?

Avoid this common early season injury

Have you ever had that annoying pain down the medial (most common) or lateral/anterior side of your tibia? ...


Does Quercetin Work?

Ask the Coach

I'll be training hard this winter for a spring race but am concerned about picking up training-squashing bugs. ...

Injuries and Treatment

Heart Stopping

Potential for atrial arrhythmias from long-term endurance training

Fanselow was rushed to the local ER, hooked up to an electrocardiogram and soon diagnosed with AFL ...

Injuries and Treatment

Avoid the Dreaded Black Toenail

Ask the Coach

As my runs extend beyond 10 miles, I find that I have started to get ...

Foot Care
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