Sage Canaday Takes on 100 Miles (Again)

The star ultrarunner will be among the headliners at the competitive Western States 100 in June


How to Plan Your Racing Season—Without Overdoing It

Seasoned ultrarunners and coaches offer advice on setting your race calendar

Training Plans

Performance = Consistency + Genetics

A simple way to think about trail-running training over the long term

Training Plans

Get Faster While Sitting Still

How and why trail runners should use the sauna

Trail Tips

5 Tips for Planning a Trail-Running Road Trip

Dreaming of a getaway? There's no time like the present


4 Ways to Have Epic Adventures—Even If You're Short on Time

You don't need vast mountain ranges or vast amounts of time to have an epic run. Here are some tips to make your daily or weekly runs more memorable (sponsored by Garmin)

Trail Tips
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