Specificity: The Key to Reaching Your Trail-Racing Potential

How to choose the right workouts for your race

Training Plans

3 Steps to a Better Stride

How to use proper mechanics for fast and healthy running

Injuries and Treatment

4 Tips for Ramping Up Early-Season Mileage

Coming back after a winter break is a high-risk time for runners. Here’s how to ward off injuries that could derail your training.

Injuries and Treatment

Fix Yourself (Without Doing More Damage)

DIY recovery tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls can help you heal, but also carry risks if you use them wrong

Injuries and Treatment

The New Point and Shoot

How to take epic trail-running photos with your smartphone

Trail Tips

Sleep: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Recovery

Why rest is essential during periods of hard training

Injuries and Treatment
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