4 Tips for Running a Fast Ultramarathon

Lessons from Megan Roche’s course-record win at the US 50K Championships


Should You Fast Before a Run?

Fasted running may improve fat oxidation and stave off the dreaded "bonk"


Sage Canaday Takes on 100 Miles (Again)

The star ultrarunner will be among the headliners at the competitive Western States 100 in June


How to Plan Your Racing Season—Without Overdoing It

Seasoned ultrarunners and coaches offer advice on setting your race calendar

Training Plans

Train Your Brain

How to address the mental challenges of an ultra, from training to racing


How Runners Are Training for the Barkley Marathons

100 miles, 66,000 feet of climbing—how do you even train for that? We asked a few athletes to find out.

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