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 May 9, 2013

The Impostor Syndrome
The gritty moments that have us asking, Am I a real runner? 
By Yitka Winn

Today, for the first time in two months, I felt good on a run. Nothing like moving from sea level to 7000 feet to put you in your place. Back in Seattle, most of my runs were glorious, endorphin-flushed highs. Here in Colorado, my lungs are cantankerous children, always protesting: Are we there yet?

A few miles into a long run two weeks ago, I called it quits and instead savored my living-room floor for three hours—disappointed, a little ashamed and unsure whether I could legitimately call myself a runner anymore.

The following day, I received an email from someone I’d reached out to interview about women’s trail-running groups. She confessed, “I feel a bit like a poser, as I haven’t been running in a couple weeks.” Read more

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05/15 IRC Mother's Day 5k 5K; Auburn, WA
05/18 Bishop High Sierra Ultra-Marathons 20M, 50K, 50M, 100K; Bishop, CA
05/18 Born To Run Ultra Marathons 10M, 50K, 100K, 100M; Los Olivos, CA
05/18 Paiute Meadows 2M, 8K; Susanville, CA
05/18 Watershed Preserve 12 Hour Race 12H; Redmond, WA
05/18 Wildcat 5K, 10K, 13.1M; El Sobrante, CA
05/18 XTERRA Malibu Creek Xduro 6K, 22K; Calabasas, CA; www.genericevents.com

05/19 Horseshoe Lake 5M, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K; Palo Alto, CA
05/19 Ohlone Wilderness 50K Trail Run 50K; Fremont, CA; www.ohlone50k.com

05/19 Sun Mountain 25K, 50K, 50M; Winthrop, WA
05/23 Pigtails Challenge 100M, 150M, 200M; Renton, WA
05/25 China Camp Trail Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M; San Rafael, CA
05/25 Cottonwood Chaos Day/Night 10K, 13.1M; Las Vegas, NV
05/25 Mount Wilson Trail Race 8.6M; Sierra Madre, CA; www.mountwilsontrailrace.com

05/25 Nanny Goat 12/24/100 12H, 24H; Riverside, CA
05/25 Ride the Wind Trail Races 20M, 50M, 100M; Las Vegas, NV
05/25 Soaring Eagle 5M, 10M, 26.2M, 50K; Sammamish, WA
05/26 Dirt Devils Cougar Trail Half Marathon 13.1M; San Diego, CA
05/26 Happy Girls Run Bend 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Bend, OR
05/27 City of Laguna Hills Memoria Day Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Laguna Hills, CA
06/01 Foothills Trail Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Ultra 13.1M, 27.7M, 50K, 50M; South Prairie, WA; www.rainiertoruston.com

06/01 Government Peak 2.75M; Hatcher Pass, AK
06/01 Laguna-Cuyamaca 50k 50K; Mt. Laguna, CA
06/01 Lynch Canyon Trail Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Vallejo, CA
06/01 Moonlight Five 5M; Springfield, OR
06/01 Nitro Trail 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Pinole, CA
06/01 Red Devil Challenge 10K, 25K; Cashmere, WA
06/02 Canyon Meadow #2 5M, 13.1M, 30K, 26.2M, 50K; Oakland, CA
06/02 Dirt Devils Coyote Trail Run 5K; San Diego, CA
06/02 Dirty Girls Run Wild 6.5M, 13.1M; Lakewood, WA
06/02 Hook and Ladder Run 5K, 10K; Livermore, CA
06/02 Pine and Cedar Hill Climb 4.5M; Bellingham, WA
06/02 Run For The HIlls 14M, 8K, 30K; Corvallis, OR
06/08 Adrenaline Night Runs 13K, 26K, 65K; Fountain Hills, AZ
06/08 Berry Creek Falls Trail Run 10K, 15K, 25K; Boulder Creek, CA
06/08 Lake Youngs Ultra 28.8M; Renton, WA; www.LakeYoungsUltra.com

06/08 San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run 100M; Mt. Laguna, CA
06/08 Scott Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #2 8M, 13M; Newcastle, WA
06/08 Truckee Trail Running Festival 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Truckee, CA
06/08 Vashon Island Ultramarathon and Trail Run 10M, 50K; Vashon, WA
06/09 Big Basin Redwoods 26.2M, 50K; Boulder Creek, CA
06/09 Dipsea Race 7.4M; Mill Valley, CA
06/09 Holcomb Valley 7M, 15M, 33M; Big Bear Lake, CA
06/09 Valley Crest Half Marathon 13.1M; Tarzana, CA
06/09 XTERRA Browns Camp 7.5M; Portland, OR
06/15 Butte Burner 5K, 10K, 26.2M; Bend, OR
06/15 Evergreen Trail Runs Echo Valley 10K, 13.1M, 50K, 50M; Chelan, WA
06/15 Irvine Trail Half Marathon & 5k 5K, 13.1M; Orange, CA
06/15 She Rocks the Trail 25K, 50K; Auburn, CA
06/15 SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon 13.1M; Temecula, CA
06/15 Trail Quake 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Saratoga, CA

05/18 La Sportiva Vail Boneyard Boogie 10K; Eagle, CO
05/25 Garfield Grumble 5M; Palisade, CO
05/25 Jemez Mountain Trail Runs 13.1M, 50K, 50M; Los Alamos, NM; www.highaltitudeathletics.org
05/26 Medicine Bow Half Marathon 13.1M; Laramie, WY; www.angelfire.com/wy2/marathon/
05/26 Rocky Mountain 50K 50K; Laramie, WY; www.angelfire.com/wy2/marathon/
05/26 Vedauwoo Trail Race 5K; Laramie, WY; www.angelfire.com/wy2/marathon/
05/26 Wyoming Marathon 26.2M; Laramie, WY; www.angelfire.com/wy2/marathon/

05/31 Bryce 100 Mile 100K, 100M; Bryce Canyon, UT
06/01 Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 12M, 50K; Black Hawk, CO
06/01 Mountain to Valley Trail Runs 4M, 10M; Glenwood Springs, CO
06/01 Pilot Hill 25K Classic 25K; Laramie, WY
06/01 Pocatello 50 50K, 50M; Pocatello, ID
06/01 Run For Aurora 50k and 50 Mile 50K, 50M; Roxborough, CO
06/01 Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run 50M; Provo, UT
06/01 Turquoise Lake Half Marathon 20K; Leadville, CO
06/01 Xterra Jordanelle Trail Run 5K, 10K, 21K; Park City, UT
06/02 Fish Hatchery 5K; Leadville, CO
06/02 Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run 5K, 10K; Westcliffe, CO
06/08 Adams Gulch 4.2M; Ketchum, ID
06/08 Evergreen Mountain 15K; Evergreen, CO
06/08 Pengelly Double & Single Dip 10K, 13.1M; Missoula, MT
06/08 Turkey Track Trail 13.1M, 26.2M; Pagosa Springs, CO; www.joingecko.org/events

06/08 Xterra Moab 5K; Moab, Ut
06/09 Herron Half and 10K 6M, 13.1M; Kalispell, MT
06/09 Run the Rockies 5K, 10K; Frisco, CO
06/09 Teva 10K and Mud Run At Teva Mountain Games 10K, 5K; Vail, CO
06/12 Summit Trail Running Series - #1 5K, 10K; Breckenridge, CO
06/13 FIBArk Tenderfoot Mountain Hill Climb 1M; Salida, CO
06/14 Bighorn Trail 100 100M; Dayton, WY; www.bighorntrailrun.com
06/15 Bighorn Mountain Wild And Scenic Trail Run 30K, 50K, 50M; Dayton, WY; www.bighorntrailrun.com

06/15 Park City Trail Series 5K 5K; Park City, UT
06/15 Wahsatch Steeplechase 17M; Salt Lake City, UT

05/18 Camper Scamper 5k 5K; London, OH
05/18 Playin' Possum 50K Trail Run 50K; Delaware, OH
05/18 Superior "Spring" Trail Races 25K, 50K; Lutsen, MN
05/25 Fat Tire Trail Challenge 10K; Rapid City, SD
06/01 5k Foam Fest Chicago 5K; Ottawa, IL
06/01 Blue Mound Trail Run 9K, 25K; Blue Mounds, WI
06/01 Chester Woods Trail Run 5K, 10M, 50K; Rochester, MN
06/01 Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs 38M, 100K, 100M; Lagrange, WI; www.kettle100.com

06/01 Rock & Run 5K; Spencer, IN
06/01 Yankee Springs Trail Run 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 52.4M; Middleville, MI
06/02 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon 13.1M, 26.2M; Deadwood, SD; www.deadwoodmickelsontrailmarathon.com

06/06 Dino Trail Run 4M; Rapid City, SD
06/08 Flirt with Dirt 5K, 10K; Novi, MI
06/08 Indian/Celina Challenge 8M, 13.1M, 26.2M; Leopold, IN; www.runperrycounty.com

06/08 Lake Mingo Trail Run 7.1M; Danville, IL
06/08 North Country Trail Relay 63M; Brethren, MI
06/08 Pair Up For Health 5K; Peoria, IL
06/15 Mohican Trail 100 Mile 26.2M, 50M, 100M; Loudonville, OH
06/15 Summer Intro Trail Run 2.8M; Kansas City, KS
06/15 Swan Creek Run 10M, 50K; Allegan, MI

05/15 Fleet Feet Sports Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series #2 6M; Rochester, NY
05/17 Dominion Riverrock Filthy 5k Mud Run 5K; Richmond, VA
05/17 Miller Lite Filthy 5K 10K; Richmond, VA
05/18 Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run 15K; Charleston, WV; www.wvmtr.org

05/18 Dominion Riverrock James River Scramble 10K; Richmond, VA
05/18 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run 100M; Fort Valley, VA
05/18 XTERRA Seven Tubs Trail Run 5K; Wilkes-Barre, PA; www.wilkesbarreracing.com

05/19 Dirty German Endurance Fest 25K, 50K, 50M; Philadelphia, PA
05/19 Soapstone Mountain Trail Races 6K, 24K; Stafford Springs, CT
05/19 Trav's Trail Run 3M; Newburyport, MA
05/25 Memorial Day Marathon Trail Race 15K; Lenox, MA
05/25 Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 5K, 10K; New Gloucester, ME
05/25 Sehgahunda Trail Marathon 26.3M; Rochester, NY; www.sehgahundatrailmarathon.com

05/25 Trail 2 Trail Series 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Redding, CT
05/25 Xterra Lams Pond 5K, 10K; Bear, DE
05/26 Charlie Horse Half Marathon 13.1M; Plowville, PA
05/29 EX2 Weeknight Trail Running Series (Race #1) 5M; Annandale, VA
06/01 Buffalo Stampede Trail Run 5M, 14M, 19M; Freeport, PA
06/01 Mayapple 50K and 100K 10M, 20M, 50K, 100K; Millburn, NJ
06/01 Mendon Mauler 4M, 8M, 12M; Mendon, NY
06/01 Old Dominion 100 Mile Cross Country Run 100M; Fort Valley, VA
06/01 Pocono XTERRA Hickory Trail Run 11K; White Haven, PA; www.wilkesbarreracing.com

06/01 Race To The Top of Bradford 3.5M; Bradford, VT
06/01 Rothrock Trail Challenge 30K; State College, PA; www.rothrockchallenge.com

06/01 The North Face® Endurance Challenge - Mid-Atlantic Regional 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M; Sterling, VA
06/01 Tortoise & Hare Trail Run 10K; Ithaca, NY
06/02 Conquer the Cove 25K, 26.2M; Roanoke, VA
06/02 Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6M; Boalsburg, PA
06/05 EX2 Weeknight Trail Running Series (Race #2) 5M; Annandale, VA
06/07 Ragnar Trail Appalachians 120R; Big Bear Lake Camplands, WV
06/08 AMEA Trail Run 12K; Wilmington, DE
06/08 Cayuga Trails 50 50M; Ithaca, NY; www.CayugaTrails50.com

06/08 IRON RUN Half Marathon Trail Run 13.1M; GARDNERS, PA
06/08 Laurel Highlands Ultra 50K, 70.5M; Ohiopyle, PA
06/08 Prompton Punisher 10M, 20M, 30M; Prompton, PA
06/08 Run for Their Lives - PA 5K; Lebanon, PA
06/08 XTERRA Richmond Xduro 10K, 21K; Richmond, VA
06/09 Fountainhead Off-Road Half Marathon and 10K 10K, 13.1M; Fairfax Station, VA
06/11 Summer Sunset 5k at Pine Hill Park 5K; Rutland, VT
06/12 EX2 Weeknight Trail Running Series (Race #3) 5M; Annandale, VA
06/12 Fleet Feet Sports Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series #3 4M; Rochester, NY
06/14 TARC 100 50M, 100M; Weston, MA
06/15 Highlands Sky Trail Run 40M; Davis, WV; www.wvmtr.org

06/15 OSS/CIA 50M Night Run 50M; Triangle, VA
06/15 XTERRA Earth Conservancy Trail Run 21K; Mocanaqua, PA

05/18 Forge Trail Series - Hell's Hills 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Ruston, LA
05/18 KEYS100 50M, 100M, R; Key Largo, FL
05/18 Scenic City Trail Marathon and Half Marathon 13.1M, 26.2M; Chattanooga, TN; www.rockcreek.com

05/18 XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run 5K, 10K; Spicewood, TX
05/19 XTERRA Oak Mountain Mud Runs 5K, 10K, 21K, 42K; Pelham, AL
05/25 Sutallee Trail Run 4.5M, 10M; Canton, GA
05/26 Wickham Park Marathon And 50, 100 And 200 Mile Fun Runs 26.2M, 50M, 100M, 200M; Melbourne, FL
06/01 Bernheim Trail Marathon 13.1M, 26.2M; Louisville, KY; www.trailraceseries.com

06/01 Hit the Ground Running 2K, 6K, 11K; Matthews, NC
06/01 Whispering Pines Trail Run 10M, 25K, 50K; Tyler, TX
06/01 XTERRA Georgia Deep South 5K, 15K; Jackson, GA
06/14 Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race 60M; Chattanooga, TN
06/15 House Five Miler 3K, 5M; LaGrange, KY
06/15 Rope Mill Half Marathon 5K, 13.1M; Woodstock , GA
06/15 Sutalle Trace Trail Challenge 4.5M, 10M; Canton, GA

05/18 5 Peaks Trail Run - Canada Olympic Park 5K, 15K; Calgary, AB
05/18 Buckin' Hell 7.5K, 15K; Parkgate Village, BC
05/18 Lost Worlds Series: Causeway Crossing 50K, R, 100K, R; Ireland, Ireland
05/25 Blackfoot Ultra 25K, 50K, 50M, 100K; Edmonton, AB
05/25 Madeira Island Ultra Trail 20K, 42K, 85K, 115K; Funchal, Portugal
05/25 Q50 Costa Rica 15K, 40K, 80K; Sarapiqu, Costa Rica
05/25 Sulphur Springs Trail Races 10K, 25K, 50K, 50M, 100M; Hamilton, ON; www.burlingtonrunners.com

05/26 Iron Knee/Tender Knee 10K, 25K; Deep Cove, BC
05/29 Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 26.2M; Kathmandu, Nepal
06/01 Classic Inca Trail To Machu Picchu #1 30K; Cusco, Peru
06/01 Inca Trail Marathon To Machu Picchu #1 26.2M; Cusco, Peru
06/01 Isle of Wight Challenge 69M; Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
06/01 Vancouver 100 12.5K, 25K, 50K, 75K, 100K; North Vancouver, BC
06/01 XTRAIL Asics Sutton 1K, 5K, 10K, 21K; Sutton, QC
06/02 Gobi March 250K; Xinjiang Province, China
06/02 Mt. Macedon Trail Runs 50K, 30K, 10K; Macedon VIC, Australia
06/02 Mud Run Canada 1.5K, 5K, 10K; Toronto, ON
06/02 MudRun Canada's Dirtiest Trail Run 1.5K, 5K, 10K; Toronto, ON
06/02 Northants Ultra 35 35M; Northampton, United Kingdom
06/02 Psiloritis Race 35K; Rethymnon, Greece
06/02 The North Face Dirty Feet Trail Series #2 5K, 10K, 13.1M; Kelowna, BC
06/03 Mount Annapurna Marathon 26.2M; Pokhara, Kathmandu, Nepal
06/08 Dolomit Extreme Trail 53K; Forno di Zoldo BL, Italy
06/08 Gutbuster Ducan 7K, 13K; Duncan, BC
06/08 Sardine Super Classic Trail Run 10K, 25K, 42K; Port Edward, Natal, South Africa
06/08 Vancouver Skyline XTC 25K, 50K; North Vancouver, BC
06/09 Slack Ass 15M, 50M; Edmonton, AB
06/15 5 Peaks Trail Run - Sunridge 5K, 15K; Strathcona, AB

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