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Balancing Miles and Sanity (+ Win Petzl Headlamp!) - Page 2

6. Do Errands on Foot

“Five miles to Trader Joe’s, 11 miles to gymnastics,” says John R. Hanson, who fits in 20 to 30 miles a week running errands (literally!) and at night after his kids have gone to bed.

7. Be Willing to Make Sacrifices
“Sacrifice is how you find time,” wrote Ed Kumar on our Facebook page. Heather Monahan, who runs 30 to 60 miles per week, says she trades sleep, as well as social time, for her runs: “During the weekends, I run long instead of going out.” One more suggestion, from Heather Prytula Klotzer: “Pass on TV time. Most people have plenty of TV time!”

8. Multitask
Kill two birds with one stone. Meet up with a friend or running group for a run, so the run can do double duty as social time. If your colleagues, boss or clients run, use the trails as your next meeting room. Or, take the dog for a run instead of a walk, says Karen Melie D’Amore, “My dog makes me find time [to run].” Says Kacey, “Trail running is like having my social time with friends, training and mental relaxation all bundled into one.”

9. Run-Commute to Work
One Facebook follower, who goes by "FruitLunatic FrugtTossen," manages up to 160-mile weeks by using running as transport to and from work. Jonathan Richard Schmidt concurs: “I wake up early, run to and from work, sneak out for a lunch run—whatever it takes.”

10. … Or Just Quit Your Job
Says Dave Cudby, “I don’t work as hard as I used to is the key!” Arya Jonathan Farahani, who runs 60 to 90 miles per week, wrote, “I quit my full-time job to spend more time in the mountains and trails! No joke.”


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