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Salomon EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Shorts (Men's) and Skort (Women's) - Gear of the Year 2013

Trail Runner Gear of the Year: Best Running Shorts | $140 | www.salomon.com


The Salomon EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Skort won an Editors' Choice pick in our Trail Tested column, 'Skirting Tradition' [September 2013 issue] and many months later, it's still one of our favorites. Though the review below addresses the skirt, many of its details can be applied to the men's shorts as well--the liner shorts help prevent unpleasant inner-thigh chafing, the fabric is delightfully lightweight and breezy, and the stretchy rear pockets come in handy for stowing small essentials.


EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Skort Review, September 2013 Trail Runner

/ The Dirt /
This skirt blends the femininity of a featherlight over-skirt with Salomon’s EXO muscle support and compression technology in the liner shorts. It’s no wonder this skirt has graced trail-running podiums throughout the world. Stretchy gel pockets at the back waist accommodate gels or a phone.

/ Rave /
Testers praised everything from the precise fit of the supportive liner shorts to the overall appearance—eye-catching, but in an “I’m-about-to-run-up-a-mountain” sort of way, rather than an “I’m-on-my-way-to-cheerleading-practice” sort of way.

/ Rant /
On the liner shorts, some of the silver dye in the honeycomb pattern smeared after a few runs, quickly dirtying the white fabric. [Jan. 2014 Update: This seemed to only affect the skirt upon first wear; after its first laundering, it came out clean and did not smear again.]

/ Tester-Monial /
“This skirt is clearly made for the competitive athlete who needs a non-frivolous skirt that will get the job done.”


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