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Recovery Tips from the Elites - Page 5

Any other recovery-oriented tips to share?

Karl: The one thing I see a lot of people do is to try and come back too fast. Usually after a good race, we are fired up and want to get right back on the throttle, but, typically, two weeks post race, we experience a lull in training and become very tired, and sometimes this brings on overuse injuries. We must respect the recovery time. Look at Nick Clark and Ian Sharman this summer running the Grand Slam. They didn’t train much in between races, because recovery plays a bigger role than training at that time ... and look how well they did.

Meghan: Don't be married to a schedule. When you're tired, respect it and adjust. Keep it enjoyable, as it is what we do for fun.

Jeff: If you feel you’re fighting an issue, don’t push it. Don’t run through it. Take a few days and either rest or cross train. Don’t forget about the bike. Cycling is my go-to activity, when I feel overuse injury or if I’m feeling tired and stale in training. Or if I just need to actively recover from big mountain-running efforts. I embrace a day on the bike and take a day off from running. You won’t lose anything if you do; it only helps. It’s an incredible tool for flushing your legs while giving yourself a little break from the pounding.

Michele: Sleep a lot. Don't fight it and continue to push the fluids, eat healthy high-protein meals and sometimes take a hot Epsom-salt bath.

Mike: Stay active, as I think that keeping your body used to being in motion helps speed recovery. It doesn't necessary mean running—although that is what I prefer—but it can be anything, walking, cycling, hiking, moving in general. I love getting out the day after a long run and/or race and just testing the waters to see what is possible. I also suggest trying to get solid sleep. I am a pretty terrible sleeper, as Jennifer, my wife will tell you—but if you can get a good block of sleep, it will do wonders for recovery. For me that is about four hours and then the rest of the night is only ok sleep, but your body needs rest. I failed to listen to that in the past and paid the price.


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