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Married to Ultrarunning - Page 4



1. Always have a stocked fridge and pantry. Your ultrarunner may readily consume an entire tray of your freshly baked blueberry muffins in one go. Take it as a compliment, and remember that a satiated ultrarunner is always better than an angry, starving one.

2. Offer your support. Your ultrarunner may request that you crew for an upcoming race or show pity for the fact that he or she “has to” run a 20 miler at 4 a.m. tomorrow. Just as you might expect your ultrarunner to be supportive of your passions and goals, show your support—or at least your understanding—of theirs.

3. Worry—but not too much. Your ultrarunner is probably inept at estimating how long he or she will be running for—or may frequently get distracted by a “trail” that is, in fact, little more than an overgrown deer path through briars. Realize that an hour or two later than what he or she says is more normal than not. That said, do know where you runner is headed. Although cell phones are not always amenable to an ultrarunner's quest for peace, a phone call can go a long way in potentially dangerous situations.

4. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t let resentment build up if your ultrarunner is lagging in the chore department due to an increased training schedule. Let him or her know that you’re a team and need to work together on caring for your home and family.

5. Be flexible. Realize that sleeping, eating and training schedules will shift again and again depending on how often your ultrarunner is racing. Learn to love the look of 15 pairs of dirt-colored shoes next to your front door and the stench of a pair or two drying next to your doorstep.

6. Find ways to incorporate your ultrarunner’s training with couple or family activities. Your spouse has an active rest day? Suggest you go on a hike together. Your spouse needs to get in a long, easy run? Hope on a bike and pedal alongside.

7. Live and let live. Remember that blistered feet, ravenous appetites and mounds of dirty laundry are just the side effects of a happy, healthy and fit ultrarunner.


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