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5 Kickstarter Campaigns for Trail Runners

Creative visions range from documentaries on Caballo Blanco and the Bridger Ridge Run to an Appalachian-Trail-themed board game

Dreams are nothing without a little help to make them real. That is why folks are flocking to Kickstarter, a “crowdfunding” website that hosts thousands of creative proposals for the perusal of potential investors.

Backers can choose the amount of money to pledge, often even as little as one dollar, usually in exchange for various goodies once the project is funded. The catch is that each proposal has a fundraising goal and deadline. The deal is all or nothing. If monetary goals aren’t met, nobody pays out and nobody cashes in.

But when it works, it works. Successful Kickstarter campaigns have funded several trail runners’ projects like the Bia Sport GPS watch, Bearded Brothers raw energy bars, Devon and Nathan Yankos' San Anselmo bakery, and the documentary,The Barkley Marathons—The Trail That Eats Its Young.

Which got us thinking. What other worthwhile Kickstarter projects are out there? After sorting through hundreds of proposals, we came up with five campaigns fit for trail runners.

1. Run Free—The True Story of Caballo Blanco

Circa 1995: A young, bearded Micah True (second from right) stood outside of his teepee in Nederland with several Tarahumara runners. Photo courtesy of Maria Walton.

This documentary, directed by Sterling Noren, includes some of the last footage of legendary Copper Canyon-dwelling ultrarunner, Micah True, before he died during a trail run in the Gila Wilderness in 2012. The film tells the story of the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon founded by True (since renamed Ultra Caballo Blanco), which provides hundreds of pounds of corn to finishers, many of whom are indigenous Raramuri, or Tarahumara.

Goal: $75,000

UPDATED: Funded! Raised: $80,324

Watch the trailer here:


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