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And did the 10 grand first-place prize entice you back to TNF 50?
The money is never a driving force for me. I enter a race for the trails, the experience and the competition. I live a simple, non-materialistic lifestyle. I don’t own much—apart from a van, a car and a bike. And that’s why I love trail and mountain running—the simplicity.

What was your training like going into TNF 50?
In July I was shit racing. In August I ran TransRockies—too much, too hard, too soon. I got injured again, this time my knee. I had to take September and most of October off, which left me with five weeks of training.
My typical week involved three 4.5-hour long runs among shorter runs, and weight lifting, biking and core training. I was training up to five hours a day.

Who or what inspires you?
Kilian [Jornet, see “Just Kilian,” December 2011, Issue 76] has inspired me to try new distances. He’s made it seem so easy. I asked him, “Why run an ultra?” and he said, “Why not?” I figured, if he can do it, I can at least try. But more than anything, it’s the trails and the mountains that inspire me. You feel free.

Alright, hippie, invent a Ben and Jerry’s flavor.
OK. “Running Date:” It is chocolate ice cream, swirled with vanilla-and-cinnamon-spiced ice cream. There are small white-chocolate running shoes in the chocolate ice cream. Between the swirls is a date puree/soft toffee.


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