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Hooked on Hundreds - Page 2

What have you learned from racing so many back-to-back 100s this year?
I have learned that we can do so much more than we think. It is the hardest times in life we remember. A painful struggle can turn into a glorious victory if you are patient and believe in yourself.

How did you get into ultrarunning?
On a bus ride once, I overheard some people talking about ultras. At the time, I didn’t even know what an ultra was. I became fascinated by these "people.” I signed up for the Sunmart 50 Mile in Texas and ran it on very little training. During the last five miles, I cried and said, "No more ultras!" Six months later, I ran my first 100—and have never looked back.

What appeals to you about ultrarunning?
Ultrarunning appeals to me because I love being outside and moving my body. There is no greater feeling than to look ahead to a faraway mountain range, reach it, climb over it and look back at where you have been. Running is my passion, and being in the mountains is living.

How has trail running positively influenced your life?
Trail running has given me a greater appreciation of the beauty around me. I often refer to the woods as my church. It is where I feel most alive. Running also has given me a deeper understanding of how important our bodies are: strong yet extremely fragile. We must take care of them. Good health is a gift.

What is your diet like?
I like meat. I try to eat organic as much as possible, lots of fruits and vegetables. With all the travel this year, though, I must confess: I could have used a sponsorship from McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts! It was an expensive year so I had to cut back on expensive food.

Tell us about your life outside of running.
Scott and I live on my 55-acre farm with two horses and a dog. I have a small, close family consisting of my dad, step mom and brother; I lost my mom to cancer. I used to show horses (eventing), but now they are just family pets. I am also an avid sailor with a lifetime goal of acquiring a blue water boat and sailing to Europe. I grew up with boats. I actually lived on one for two years with my family. I also enjoy yoga and farm work.

Race plans for 2013?
To run a 72-hour race.


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