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Build a Strong Base - Page 5

Case Studies

Three runners and their contrasting approaches to off-season training:

> Howard Nippert, winner of the 2005 JFK 50-Miler in 5:51:42 and the Rattlesnake 50K in 1998, does long runs of up to five hours during his conditioning/base-building phase. He follows that with a medium-long run or an interval/tempo/stamina workout.

Nippert runs seven days per week, often twice daily. He chooses two or three key races throughout the year and, “depending on when they occur, I may be in a training phase at any time. If it’s 10 to 15 weeks before a race, I am in a conditioning phase.”

> Some runners adapt to two or three long runs each week, while others struggle to do just one. Adam Lint belongs in the former category, running up to four long runs per week and it’s not unusual for him to do a 50-miler as a long run.

> On the other hand, Brian Morrison averages 50 to 60 miles a week during his winter conditioning, including a long run of 14 to 16 miles. Both Morrison and Lint hit the trails twice a week throughout the winter.


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