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The Future of Trail-Running Gear - Page 4

Trend 3: Women-Specific Gear

Many running companies, UD among them, are making great strides toward appealing more to their female customers.


Like many existing UD packs, the women-specific Ultra “Vesta” features front bottles, though the bottles are smaller (10 oz. each) and situated higher up on the chest than on the men’s signature series packs. The Vesta is also made with softer materials, and features adjustable double straps in front to accommodate a variety of women’s chest sizes.

Gone, too, are the days of drab, unflattering tech tees! Many companies are sprucing up their women’s apparel with ruching, lacy mesh inserts and other feminine designs touches:

From left to right: New tops from Merrell, Mountain Hardwear and The North Face


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