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Ounce-Saving Gear for Stage Races - Page 2



For seven days, your pack will become a home on your back, so the importance of finding a model that fits well cannot be overstated. Look for a pack that balances gear capacity, comfort, weight and functionality.  A favorite brand among many racers is Raidlight, in particular the Olmo Desert Pack 20l+4l front pack. Made of an ultra-light poly the main pack weighs only 20 ounces and pairs with an optional ‘kangaroo’ front pouch that holds a day’s worth of essentials up front, eliminating digging around at check-points. Raidlight is a dedicated stage-racing brand and they’ve spent the last 12 years perfecting this pack to be whisper weight yet supremely functional.  Other key brands to investigate are Osprey, OMM, & Inov-8.

Bonus Tip: It’s rare to find a bag that fits great and has every pocket you want. Don’t be afraid to modify your chosen pack to meet your needs. Marathon des Sables finisher Greg Manciagli often sews extra mesh pouches onto the exterior of his pack for his sleeping bag and pad, opening up tons of interior space.


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