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Ounce-Saving Gear for Stage Races - Page 7




On the trail, zip locks are king, but there is something to be said for compartmentalized storage with a real zipper that stacks like a Tetris piece into your pack. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector Quarter Cube provides very affordable, civilized organization with a grab handle at just 0.6 ounces.

Bonus Tip: Use one color to store all your med supplies and a different hue for your toiletries, allowing for easy placement of key items when you’re tired and searching by headlamp. Also, make sure to create a “Boy Scout Kit” for necessary adaptations on the go. Undoubtedly, some piece of gear will fail and a small cache of essentials like duct tape, folding knife/scissors, a few needles and fishing line or other strong thread will prove invaluable.


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