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Bedrock Earthquake V2 Running Huarache (2013)

3.3 oz
Sole thickness: 6mm
$64 / www.bedrocksandals.com


The Dirt: Made in Virginia, Bedrock Sandals take minimalism to a whole new level as one of the thinnest-soled huaraches on the market. The 6mm-thick, highly flexible Earthquake V2 is made with military-grade components, Vibram rubber outsoles and a patent-pending buckle adjustment system.

In its second generation, the Earthquake is built for “running, hiking and traveling with barefoot feel and function.” It comes with an elasticized rubber heel made out of grippy, recycled bike tubing to secure your feet.

One tester called it an “impressive entry into the huarache category … probably best for dedicated barefooters.”

Best For: In the words of one tester, these are ideal for, “Gentle terrain—roads or groomed trails—and relatively short distances, for all but the most hardened minimalist runner.”

Rave: The tread excels on everything from rocks to puddles to both wet and dry grass. The buckle system also earns high marks for ease of use and minimal need for adjustment.

Rant: The lack of cushioning or protection had most testers running slowly to avoid stone bruising, and shying away from using these for anything beyond short, smooth runs.

Tester-Monial: “If you’re looking for the barest of experiences, these sandals will provide it. You gain a certain appreciation for the primal experience of wearing such a sandal to run, and how little you actually need to experience rugged terrain.” –Jonathan Loewus-Deitch, Washington, DC

Athlete Inspiration: Bedrock’s resident ultrarunner, Naresh Kumar, finished the 2011 Vol State 500-kilometer race in first place, unassisted. Find him at: http://iamarunr.tumblr.com/


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