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After a long trail run, my upper body is sore, primarily my shoulders. I don’t have a gym membership and do pushups, crunches and pullups throughout the week, along with yoga three times a week. Is there anything else I should be doing?

—Christian Alberto Ledesma, Queens, NY

Due to variable terrain, long trail runs in particular stress muscles that just aren’t taxed on your daily short runs. Having to carry food and water on big outings—e.g. wearing a 100-ounce-plus weight vest—can cause upper-body soreness.

Seattle-based strength coach Tim Sinnett, owner of Integral Evolution, says, “Given the [significant] workouts you are already doing, your soreness is probably more of an issue of tension rather than strength.” Your muscles are under constant stress from the extra gear weight required for a long run, and simply don’t have the required endurance.

If you are consistent with your long runs, the resulting soreness should dissipate each week as you get stronger. Sinnett recommends continuing the primary push and pull exercises, but to add more shoulder work: shrugs, and front and side deltoid raises.


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