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Entrepreneurial Endeavors - Page 3

ONE: Follow Your Passion

Committing to a goal is much easier if you’re excited about the process itself. For Caleb Simpson, the idea for bearded brothers came from following a high-raw-food diet for several years and wanting portable organic foods to fuel his long runs and rock climbing. after making his own bars and posting recipes on his blog, several friends suggested he sell them—and so the seed was planted.

Jenn Hughes of Sammamish, Washington, found herself struck by the plain, drab options for running apparel. She says, “For race day 
or for a super long run, I wanted a great tee to lift my spirits.” So in 2011, she reached out to graphic designers and launched run pretty Far (RPF). Two-and-a-half years later, sales have soared and retailer REI will begin carrying RPF apparel in its top 20 stores next spring.

Seeing all the positive energy that comes out of the running community, Mike Burnstein of Brookline, Massachusetts, and his co-founder, Dave Spandorfer, chose to focus their company on helping solve the global food and water crisis. “It’s an issue that hits close to home for runners,” says Burnstein. “It would be impossible to get through a three-mile run or a 100K trail race without proper nutrition and hydration!” not only does the apparel itself, such as the committing to a goal is much easier if you’re excited about the process itself.

“Run for the Rwanda” shirt with Rwandan flag colors, aim to raise awareness, proceeds support organizations such as KickStart and Meds and Food for Kids. And, for each T-shirt or pair of running shorts purchased, Janji makes additional donations like crop seeds, clean water or packets of nutritional medicine to families in countries like Haiti, Bangladesh and Tanzania.


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