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Light, Lighter, Lighest - Page 8


Water. You won’t find much of it. Enquire at a visitor center about water sources, bring enough bottles/bladders to carry at least one gallon of water and treat it all.

History. More than 10,000 years of human history is recorded in Canyonlands. Multiple Native American tribes left behind petroglyphs and pictographs on the sandstone. Follow federal regulations and look but don’t touch.

Supplies. Moab is a convenient supply point for Island in the Sky outings. Moab or Monticello, Utah, both serve as ample stock-up outposts for a trip into the Needles. Once you are out of these towns, prepare to be self sufficient.

Meghan M. Hicks, a writer from Park City, Utah, has seen it all come out of a backpack, including an axe with a three-foot-long handle, a stack of British girlie magazines and a 24-pack of Milwaukee’s Best.


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