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Maria Walton and Francois Bordeau Tuesday, 08 April 2014 10:13 TWEET COMMENTS 4

A First Look at Reopened Caballo Blanco Trail

Nonprofit and volunteers collaborate to restore historic route from Urique to Batopilas in Mexico’s Copper Canyons

Photo by Francois Bourdeau

In a journal entry from the winter of 1995 during his first visit to Mexico’s Batopilas and Urique canyons, Micah True—better known as “Caballo Blanco” in Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run—wrote the following words:

“The views of the Canyons were remarkable—like nothing I’ve ever seen—indescribable as the spirit fueled me on for six hours of running. As I ran higher, it got cooler with pine trees and the trail became real steep and rocky. I passed a Mexican on a beautiful white horse. We stayed together, his white horse and the man named White Horse, and The Rider, who was curious and at first suspicious about me. After a couple of miles, he took a liking to me and said, “This is a damn good horse, and you are as strong as my horse.” I didn’t say anything until he asked me my name. “Caballo Blanco? Como El?"

When we reached the mountain pass, he invited me to his ranch. I politely declined, hurried on top of the mountain to marvel at the views, then returned the way I came. The Horseman said that the mountain ridge wasn’t quite halfway down to Urique, following the river upstream a few miles. After only having a few words, it was hard to believe that some of these remote country folks had heard of me. Unreal. I have never been near this area until a week ago. Mañana, I expect I’m going to be fairly trashed. We’ll see.”

Throughout the years, Prospero Torres, The Rider from the story, became one of Micah’s supporters and a close friend. As a trail guide, Micah would often take international travelers throughout the Sierra Madre, and would camp at Prospero's ranch, Los Alisos, where he would provide pack burro support for Micah’s clients. The ranch is the gateway between the two Canyons of Urique and Batopilas.


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