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Q&A with Matt Woods

What is it about D.C. that makes it such a hub for trail running?

I'm fascinated by the fact that the D.C. area has a large amount of strong trail runners. Close proximity and variety [of trails] play a huge factor. The most significant factor, though, is friends or family who have been consistently involved with trail running. My sister pushed me into trail running early on, and took me to the 2008 Red Eye VHTRC trail run at Prince William Forest. A few weeks later I ran my first ultra at the VHTRC Eagle Run.

What is the VHTRC culture like?

VHRTC is very welcoming to runners at any level, and is an excellent outlet for getting connected to other trail runners. VHRTC also provides great resources for places to run.

What will be your next VHTRC race?

I would like to race Bull Run Run 50 Mile this year. I spend a fair amount of my time training on those trails and it would be interesting to race on them.

Where is your favorite stash of trails in the D.C. area?

Laurel Hill and Giles Run trails in Lorton, Virginia. The topography works well for very fast trail running. I look forward to the day that a race is held on those trails.

What does the future hold for D.C. trail running and racing?

A fair amount of running-news outlets are helping expand trail running. I think that more locals will begin training and racing on trails. I really hope to see more ultra races pop up.

What are your trail racing goals in 2011?

I'm interested in running the Rocky Raccoon 100. Beyond that, my trail-racing goals are to set new PRs and continue performing well at a competitive level.

What do you do when you're not running?

I am in park management, which involves trail construction and maintenance. Plus I can throw on some running clothes, walk out the door of my office and go for a trail run.


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