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15 Inspiring Images From Trail Runner’s 2016 Photo Camp

Work from our summer 2016 photo camp in Marble, Colorado

TR staff October 1st, 2016

  • Emma Garrard follows Jeason Murphy on the Drift Creek Trail, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado. Photo by James Harnois
  • Anna Mae Flynn of Mammoth Lakes, California, shows perfect form. Photo by Corky Dean
  • Recent Trail Runner intern and University of Montana cross-country athlete Reagan Colyer and U.S. Mountain Running Team member Matt Daniels of Boulder, Colorado, pick up the pace through the sage. Photo by Corky Dean
  • Daniels, a 12-time DII All American runner, puts his sub-four-minute-mile speed to good use on the trails. Photo by Corky Dean
  • Mountain speedster Stevie Kremer of Crested Butte, Colorado, keeping it light. Photo by Howie Stern
  • Kremer, fresh off victory at Greece's Olympus Marathon, and Garrard, a top-level triathlete, enjoying a run through the quakies on the Raggeds Trail. Photo by Howie Stern
  • Daniels and Colyer in sync. Photo by Sacha Mittleman
  • Flynn has ticked off numerous podium finishes in trail races throughout the West over the past few years. Photo by Helen Dole
  • Garrard hits her stride at Beaver Lake. Photo by Corlyn Saldana
  • Flynn cools her feet in the Crystal River. Photo by Corlyn Saldana
  • Jeason Murphy of Carbondale, Colorado, has Hardrock 100, Western States 100 and Leadville Trail 100 finishes to his credit. Photo by James Harnois
  • Garrard and all-around mountain athlete Morgan Williams of Carbondale, Colorado, on the Raggeds Trail. Photo by James Harnois
  • From left: Emma Garrard, Morgan Williams, Stevie Kremer. Photo by James Harnois

In early July, we hosted our fourth annual Trail Runner Photo Camp in the tiny mountain hamlet of Marble, nestled in the Elk Mountains of Western Colorado.

Our enthusiast participants were provided top-level, hands-on instruction by the highly accomplished outdoor photographer Fred Marmsater, race-photography master Myke Hermsmeyer and Trail Runner‘s art director, Randall Levensaler.

Herewith, we present the inspiring images captured by our six hard-working photographers.

This gallery originally appeared in our October 2016 issue.

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