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Ounce-Saving Gear for Stage Races - Page 8



Stage races typically require 2000 calories a day and determining the smartest calorie-per-ounce ratio will probably be your biggest pre-race planning obsession. A very personal choice, some European racers live off of olive oil and fresh parma while some Americans try a liquid-only strategy of fuel and recovery drinks. Most of us, though, will mix the usual suspects of energy foods and freeze-dried meals to top off our daily stores. My lunch on the trail is the nutrient-rich, vegan ProBar Meal bars, which are truly delicious and offer a dense ratio of 390 calories per three-ounce bar. First priority upon finishing for the day is to get in your recovery drink; I recommend Hammer Recoverite in Citrus for its easy, palatable, orange-juice-like taste. Even if you don’t use recovery products at home, they are a functional necessity when running for seven days straight and are easy calories to carry in a powder form at roughly 100 calories per ounce. Right before bed, I treat myself to a Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter squeeze pouch which acts as a yummy dessert and adds an incredible 180 calories per 1.1-ounce packet.

Bonus Tip: For nights when your stomach is nauseous, pack a few pouches of powdered mashed potatoes and sprinkle on powdered gravy for extra flavor and replacement sodium. This comfort food is inexpensive, always goes down easy and ensures your carb fueled for the next day.



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