Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp (March 2015 Editor’s Choice)

3.8 oz | 130 lumens | $80 |


The Sprinter, designed specifically for runners, stands head and shoulders over the competition (so to speak) when it comes to fit. At only 3.8 ounces, the Sprinter is on the light side for a headlamp, and what little weight it does have is perfectly distributed between the lamp in front and the battery in back for a secure, no-bounce ride. Running with the added weight and bulk of a headlamp can take some getting used to, but the Sprinter felt natural from the get-go. Boasting a modest 130 lumens, the Sprinter won’t penetrate far into the blackest nights, nor will its USB-rechargeable battery pack last you through an all-night slog, but it’s ideal for feeling quick and unencumbered on shorter week-night runs.