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Skirting Tradition

The dirt on seven snazzy alternatives to plain-Jane shorts


Anna Frost’s doing it. Krissy Moehl’s doing it. Ellie Greenwood’s doing it. Who isn’t doing it? Skirt-sporting women are swarming the trails these days, and we couldn’t help but wonder: by staying in our running shorts, were we somehow missing out?

The resounding answer from our women testers: yes. After a few weeks, even those who strongly identified as “not girly-girly” found themselves donning skirts instead of shorts. While shorts often ride up, many skirts feature inner-thigh-friendly (i.e. chafe-free) compression liner shorts. Even if the liner shorts do ride up, the over-skirts allow women to focus on things other than constantly adjusting coverage—things like, you know, running.

Often, too, women found they felt more confident in skirts. Said one tester, “As silly as it sounds, the feminine look and feel helps with self image, which translates into a better run!”

However, with many of the skirts’ liner shorts underneath sporting tiny inseams and loose fabric that rode up, testers found several of the skirts more suited for short runs or casual “après-run” wear than long runs. A well-designed, stay-put liner was often what set apart the great skirts from the good.

Sprint Tech Skort

$56 | movingcomfort.com

/ The Dirt /
With apparel designed and tested exclusively by women, Moving Comfort nailed it with this lightweight, eye-catching skirt—an all-around tester favorite. A wide, flattering waistband adjusts with a drawcord, and hides a zip pocket at center back for bounce-free toting of gels or keys. Drawcords and ruching at each side add a nice feminine touch.
/ Rave /
Thanks to light compression and silicone grippers at the hems, this skirt’s liner shorts stayed completely in place and were still mostly hidden.
/ Rant /
It’s hard to find anything not to love about this skirt, but some testers weren’t thrilled with the loud colors and patterns on the liner shorts.
/ Tester-Monial /
“It only took a few runs before I was reaching for this skirt over my favorite shorts.”



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