First Look: Men’s Craft Cool Comfort RN Short Sleeve

The Cool Comfort tee is exactly what the name suggests: seamless, breathable and moisture-wicking. It's a great summer adventure tee.

Craft Cool Comfort RN Short Sleeve
Price: $40
Material: 100% recycled-mix polyester

Sadly, as a runner, I don’t like the feel of most performance apparel. Particularly for tops, I prefer natural fibers when possible. However, the Cool Comfort line from Craft, featuring polyester fiber with recycled content, is actually very soft against the skin. Being 100% polyester, it of course maintains the benefits of being moisture-wicking, lightweight, quick-drying and form fitting. 

The seamless design limits chafing and makes the tee a good choice to wear with a hydration vest or waist pack. 

This tee (and women’s tank) does well for hard training runs and workouts and doesn’t need to be washed right away because of how quickly it dries. As someone who runs upwards of 80 miles per week, wearing something twice per week without washing (if in a bind) is a major bonus. 

Perhaps my favorite part of this piece is how light it is. If you’re someone who prefers tanks, you might check out this tee because of how quickly it seems to vanish once on. I also like it because of the modest style—it doesn’t scream “nerdy runner” (I mean, I am, but sometimes I don’t want to announce it) like some of my other tops. I can wear it out after a run if needed, or relax in it over a weekend.

Tim Nooney runs 80 miles per week, typically with a new piece of gear that Trail Runner makes him take along and review.