First Look: Balega’s Enduro V-Tech Quarter Sock

This soft, light-weight sock is so comfortable, you may want to save it for special long runs or morning runs that require a little extra motivation.

Balega’s Enduro V-Tech Quarter Sock
Price: $13

Balega’s newest line of Enduro socks (in stores September 1) is a new twist on an old success story. The Enduro is one of Balega’s original models, designed to be a mid-weight, medium cushion sock. From wearing this sock I can confirm that it has a soft, cushioned fit without being bulky. My feet don’t overheat in the Enduro socks despite their extra padding, which makes sense, since Balega designed the socks with moisture wicking fibers and ventilation panels. According to Balega, the socks have a “hand-linked toe closure system,” a very fancy way of saying there’s no annoying seam at the toe, which I can confirm. I have had Balega products for years and they have always held their shape and elasticity very well for me.

I like this soft, light-weight sock so much I set it aside and save it for special long runs or morning runs that require a little extra motivation. The “V-Tech Arch Support System,” is very comfortable, though it’s difficult to comment on the efficacy of the arch support after only a couple of runs. The non-slip feature was notable—many soft socks are too slippery in the heal cup, but these help keep your foot in place. And the “Drynamix” moisture wicking material seemed effective when I splashed through some puddles. I didn’t notice squishy feet for the rest of my run. The low price point also makes these one of my favorite pieces of running kit.

Balega’s Enduro is a cushy, breathable sock that fits your foot snugly run after run.

Brooke Stephenson was the summer Editorial Intern at Trail Runner. Her feet are happiest in the dirt.