First Look: GORE-TEX Shakedry R7 Hooded Jacket

The new GORE-TEX Shakedry will keep you running through spring's wind and rain.

GORE-TEX Shakedry R7 Hooded Jacket
Price: $300
Material: Outer: GORE-TEX®Membrane. Inner: 100-percent Polyamide.

April showers are just around the corner, and now is the time to prepare for the rain and wind of springtime! Specifically designed for runners, the GORE-TEX Shakedry R7 Jacket in men’s and women’s is a worthy consideration for your mud-season closet.

Weighing in at 4.1 oz, the jacket is feather light and packs into the tiniest of running vests and packs. It feels light and breathable on the body as well. The fabric is smooth (not like some “crunchy” running shells), and there is not a single bulky seam or button to be found—the whole design screams svelte practicality.

The fit lays smoothly on the torso, the zipper pockets are discrete and functional and the wrist cuffs feature a super-soft elastic band that keeps water out without the need for velcro straps. Even the reflecting stripes are flattering, allowing you to be seen by traffic on the way to the trailhead.

The Shakedry Jacket is named for its new GORE-TEX technology. Made up of two layers constructed to prevent the outer layer from wetting out (causing a chilling effect), the outer membrane beads water on the surface, allowing you to quickly flap (or shake) the surface dry.

—Jacky Thompson is an avid mountain and desert trail runner. When she isn’t rock climbing, running, foraging or frolicking outside, she can be found practicing yoga and playing music.