First Look: Naked Running Band

This waist pack has enough space for water, a phone, gels and trekking poles, and nearly eliminates bounce.

Naked Running Band
Price: $46

The Naked Running Band has such a specific and tight fit, it comes in 12 sizes. The lack of buckles, clasps, snaps, straps or cinches on this puppy mean that once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere.

You will be the gal/guy at the trailhead showing some upper thigh while you slip it over your kit—kind of like donning a wetsuit in the parking lot at the break.

The band has three large pockets (really the whole thing is a pocket, divided with three vertical seams), two loops for poles or a layer, dedicated bib attachments and a key hook. The four-way mesh material is ultra breathable and tight. Stretch open a pocket to remove your flask or snack and it snaps back shut. It doesn’t need a pocket flap or zipper to keep things secure.

The balance of this band may be what it has going for it most. There is no dedicated front or back so water can be situated to your preference. On a recent 10-mile run in heat, the Naked pack held my extra-large phone next to my skin while keeping it dry and allowed me to carry 16 oz of water easily.


—Megan Janssen is the Assistant Editor of Trail Runner Magazine