First Look: North Face Flight RKT Jacket

Super light and super waterproof, the North Face Flight RKT jacket could be your summertime staple for surprise downpours

The North Face Flight Jacket
Price: $160
Material: 100% Nylon ripstop

If you want to wear a jacket that feels like it’s barely there, the new ultra lightweight Fight RKT jacket, designed by Rob Krar and the North Face is a fantastic choice. At first glance, the jacket material appears as though it is too thin to offer protection from the weather, but from the moment it’s on, the well-fitted, Pertex material offers a protective covering. The fabric is somewhat “crunchy,” (think tent fabric) but it is packs a bomber barrier between you and the elements. 

Rain and snow roll smoothly off the material, keeping the runner warm and dry. There is a slight lack of breathability with this jacket but it is to be expected with how well it blocks out the elements. The cuffs and hem are cinched with smooth elastic which help keep out excess wind and rain and the hood is adequate and keeps your head dry, yet doesn’t have a draw string. There is a reflective design pattern on the cuffs and chest pocket. 

Conveniently, the jacket packs up into its own zipper pocket (there is one chest pocket only) and includes an elastic strap, making it perfect to carry for short or long runs and, because it hardly weighs anything, it won’t slow you down.

Kylee Schuler, an avid trail runner lives in Carbondale, Colorado. She loves a good adventure, craft beer and talking about sports nutrition.