First Look: Trail Butter Fuel

Added flavors to a nut-butter base, these pouches are great for long-burning energy

Trail Butter’s Dark Chocolate & Coffee Nut Butter Blend
Price: $6 to $65

Trail Butter is an almond butter-based blend that comes in a medium-sized pouch with a twist off cap (small, one-use pouches are also available). The nut butter is easily squeezed from its package to your mouth or a cracker, but as a result its texture is a bit more watery than the usual from-the-jar varieties. It boasts a short, all-natural list of ingredients (almonds, dark chocolate and organic coconut oil are the first three,) and packs a high calorie punch (nearly 800 calories per pouch). For runners that already enjoy a nut butter protein boost on their long runs, Trail Butter shakes things up with extra texture and flavor. The Dark Chocolate and Coffee blend provides a nice jolt of energy and a rich flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Being larger than gels or bars (4.5 oz), Trail Butter is a good choice for longer, slower runs where a shot of protein (20 grams per pouch) and caffeine will prevent you from crashing. However, the protein and caffeine can also work against a more temperamental stomach. Trail Butter will definitely sit heavier than most other running food will. I found that on more casual long runs where I could afford to take a quick break to snack, combining Trail Butter with an English muffin (any nut butter-carrying carb would do) felt better on my stomach. The Dark Chocolate and Coffee blend has 16 grams of sugar, 60 milligrams of caffeine and is gluten free.

Trail Butter also has other flavors: Cranberries & Sunflower and Maple Syrup & Sea Salt. The main ingredient of all three blends is almond butter, but some of the add-ins may suit you better than others.

Brooke Stephenson is the Editorial Intern at Trail Runner, and on long runs sometimes finds herself believing in a peanut butter god.